International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning

    Mission Goals

    Explore your future education and career possibilities

    Take part in an interdisciplinary, 'real life' research project

    Connect to your peers from all over the world

    Expand your professional, international cooperation network

    Master German Systems Thinking

    Enjoy an immersive experience in German industry and culture

    Earn 6 CP ECTS (3 US/Canadian semester credit hours)

    Have fun!

    Mission Plan

    Fall 2019


    INSPIRED topic defined
    Interstellar Re-Factory

    The language of INSPIRED is English.

    Fall 2019



    We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in Engineering and Life Sciences.

    The application process starts in your home country.

    Requisite documents:

    • Transcript of academic records

    • Brief (one-page) motivation letter

    • Copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months after the end of the program)

    The recruitment process for INSPIRED 2020 is now complete.

    Thanks for applying with us!


    Spring 2020


    We will provide digital learning materials for your independent interdisciplinary preparation in your home country. We will introduce you to the key principles of mechanical engineering and (synthetic) biology. Your preparation will be guided by qualified instructors to help you develop the requisite technical and soft skills.

    Starting March 30, weekly packages of tailored e-Learning content will ensure you arrive prepared for the task ahead.

    Spring 2020

    Summer 2020

    Welcome to Darmstadt

    You will be living and working in Darmstadt for three weeks.

    Accommodation: June 14 – July 4

    Summer 2020


    In course of a two-week 'Do-phase', you will develop your project ideas in international and interdisciplinary teams. In parallel, you and your team will have a chance to visit learning factories and experiment in our laboratories.

    June 15 – 26

    Put your expertise and creativity to the test as part of an international and interdisciplinary team and gain hands-on experience in our labs and learning factories.

    Summer 2020

    Summer 2020


    You will present the results of your team work. Your proposals will be evaluated and the best concept rewarded.

    June 26

    Summer 2020


    You will get the opportunity to visit top German companies and the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).

    June 29 – July 3

    During the third week of your stay in Darmstadt, you will witness first-hand industrial applications of concepts similar to the ones you developed.

    Summer 2020



    Take home your well-deserved credits, valuable knowledge, and nice memories. Forge new and lasting friendships.

    Mission Control Centers

    Mechanical Engineering

    The word “engineering” comes from


    Biology literally means “study of life”

    Materials Science

    “Engineers make things.

    INSPIRED 2019 | Video report

    Many thanks to all for participation, contribution, and support!